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What is the Big Impact Programme?

Designed to help the projects that are driving social impact and have the potential to gather a big crowd, the Big Impact Programme offers exclusive one-to-one coaching and support. The programme is designed to help the projects who already have a variety of channels to promote their idea to maximise their exposure.

This unique programme will boost your project to the next level, but spaces are limited so register your interest now.

Who is it for?

The Big Impact Programme is all about disrupting the status quo and supporting the campaigns that drive awareness and make real change.

If your project creates a positive impact and you have a big audience to promote to, then this programme could be for you.

Crowdfunder helped us raise over £500,000, their advice is industry leading and More United wouldn't be where we are today without their platform.

Bess Mayhew, CEO at More United

What are the benefits?

start crowdfunding

Exclusive crowdfunding consultation

One-to-one guidance from the UK’s most prolific crowdfunding coaching team.

Get the word out

Increase your chance of success

We'll help you maximise your campaign to achieve your target.

Get funded

Marketing advice

You’ll receive advice on how you can successfully market your project

Get funded

Dedicated support

On hand and dedicated support from our team.

What you'll receive

Planning support - Identifying the key things to focus on and where your time is best spent.

Project modelling and robustness testing -Obtain confidence that your crowdfunding target is achievable.

Video and content reviews - Convert more page views into pledges with a page that works hard for you

Reward and incentive reviews - Tailored advice to ensure that you are offering the right rewards for your project.

Marketing identification and planning support - Identifying your target audience and how you are going to reach them.

Reactive campaign coaching - You will have exclusive access to on-hand coaching advice from your designated coach

Social posts on Crowdfunder's channels - Active promotion by Crowdfunder and re-sharing/re-tweeting your own content

Featured in our newsletter -Once you make enough progress on your Crowdfunder, you will be featured in a specific email about your project to our community of supporters

Extra funding consultation - We will look at what extra funding our partners may have available for your project.

What are we looking for in your project?

Spaces on the programme are limited, so to be in with the chance of being selected, we're looking for a few things from you in return for exclusive and tailored support from the Crowdfunder Team.

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Have an audience

You'll need an existing audience who believe in and support your idea.

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Be realistic

Have a realistic ambition to crowdfund your target.

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Wide appeal

Have a campaign that will attract attention.

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Be ready

Your project needs to be preparing to go live.

Recent big impact projects

Check out some of the different types of projects that have received this sort of support before, to get a flavour for what we’re looking for.


Save Our Stables

Providing much-needed therapy and happiness to hundreds of local children and adults with (and without) disabilities and mental health challenges every year.

£1.3m raised


Roof Top Power Station

The Optimistic Foundation raised funds to create a renewable power station across the rooftops East London.

£114.1k raised


East London Waterworks

Transforming a London industrial site into community-owned natural swimming ponds and a biodiverse park.

£542k raised


Made in Hackney

They secured the future of their community kitchen & cookery school so they could help 10,000 more people gain skills to lead healthier happier lives.

£76.6k raised

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How much are you looking to raise for your project on Crowdfunder? What will the funds go towards?

Why do you think your project will have a big marketing reach?

What is the size of your own supporter/email database/subscribers? How many combined followers do you have on your social media platforms? Do you have access to national press? Do you have access to wider networks outside of your own? e.g. partner networks/databases relevant to your project

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