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Get up to £5,000 for your sustainable community based project

Crowdfunder and Mortgage Advice Bureau Foundation have teamed up to make £100,000 available for sustainable community projects based across England, Scotland and Wales.

Eligible projects will be supported by Mortgage Advice Bureau staff or their customers.

About this fund

Mortgage Advice Bureau Foundation
Mortgage Advice Bureau Foundation
Get up to £5,000

Mortgage Advice Bureau Foundation supports sustainable community projects

You need a crowdfunding project to apply for funding. Start or continue adding your project and, if eligible, you'll be prompted to apply.


Mortgage Advice Bureau Foundation may support your project with 3:1 live match funding to your project target, up to a maximum of £5,000. Before completing your application for match funding, please read the essential criteria here.

Match Fund pledge conditions:

• Pledges will be matched at a rate of £3 to every £1 donated up to 75% of your project target

• 3:1 match funding will apply to pledges of up to £250. Example; if a project receives a pledge of £50, The Mortgage Advice Bureau Foundation Fund will provide £150. If a project receives a pledge of £1000, The Mortgage Advice Bureau Foundation Fund will provide £750.

• The maximum value of 3:1 match funding a project can receive is £5000

• Only one pledge per supporter will be matched, this will be the first amount pledged by a supporter.

Please see full live match funding conditions here.

To access the match funding, you must:

• Be located in England, Scotland or Wales

• Have a Sponsor who is a Mortgage Advice Bureau member of Staff, customer or approved business partner.

• Be an existing registered Charity or Community Interest Company

• Deliver your project in 2023/2024

• Have a Mortgage Advice Bureau Foundation approved application

• All applicants must comply with the relevant permissions/licensing/insurance/documentation (constitution)/policies

What can the Mortgage Advice Bureau Foundation fund? See some examples below:

Environment and conservation: Projects focused on making green choices for their community e.g community rewilding projects, community gardens, educational projects for communities to reduce their carbon footprint etc

Health and wellbeing: Projects focused on helping communities combat health and wellbeing issues to improve their quality of life e.g social inclusion, sensory gardens, community gardens, mental health, sports projects, purchasing new equipment you do not already have that will help you expand your activities and encourage more people to get involved etc.

The Prevention or Relief of Poverty: Projects focused on helping communities through financial hardship e.g. community food banks, money management and budgeting skills etc.

Your project must be new and for the benefit of your local community. Please see our full Terms and Conditions here

Projects supported by the Mortgage Advice Bureau Foundation

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