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Sport transforms lives. It's fun, fosters relationships, levels up communities and promotes health and wellbeing. Clubs are the heartbeat of their communities, but they increasingly need help to flourish following the damaging effects of the pandemic and the cost of living crisis. We have more that £8 million of extra funding for projects that improve participation, diversity and sustainability.

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And with over £6 million in extra funding available for local sports clubs, charities and organisations.

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From large organisations to grassroots community projects – and everything in between.

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Over £15million raised for their clubs or organisations. Find out how crowdfunding can help your club.

Up to £15,000 of Extra funding for your local club

We're working with our partners, including Sport England, to channel over £6 million of Extra funding into local sports clubs, charities and voluntary organisations.

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If you have a funding challenge that you need to overcome, we're here to help you make things happen.

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For non-profit charities or organisations, keep more of the money you raise.

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A whole host of hints and tips to make your Crowdfunder a success!

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We have over £6 million in extra funding for sports clubs across the UK

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say their organisations feel more financially stable after their crowdfunding campaign.

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say they have a large group of volunteers with 38% indicating an increase in new ones.

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say they feel better connected to their communities following their campaign.

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feel a significant or somewhat improved level of skill when using social media.

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say they have found new partners or collaborators after running their campaigns.

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of pledges are from supporters with no prior connection to the club or organisation.


Spotlight on
Olympic Triathlete Alex Yee

Olympian Alex Yee understands the importance of grassroots sports to communities around the UK. His path to gold began at his local club which was in danger of going under during the pandemic before it turned to Crowdfunder, unlocking extra funding from Sport England. The Triathlete helped us to launch our extended partnership with £5 million available. 

Alex Yee explains how his club in south London raised more than £20,000 thanks to a brilliant effort by the community and some big pledges by our extra funding partners.

Olympic Triathlete Alex Yee

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Crowdfunding is a different way to raise money for good ideas.

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