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We have helped a hundreds of rugby clubs across the UK to produce campaigns that engage their communities at a time they need to most. Find out how we can help your rugby club.

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Hundreds of rugby clubs are turning to crowdfunding, working with supporters on a range of innovative campaigns to generate essential revenue and drive meaningful community engagement programmes.

They are all shining a spotlight on the wide range of issues facing clubs right now and the huge impact that Rugby clubs have in our communities.

And we have a pot of over £6 million in +Extra Funding from Sport England to pledge up to £15,000 on grassroots rugby campaigns.

Get in touch for a chat with our dedicated sports team if you want to finds out more.

Up to £15,000 of Extra funding available for your rugby club

We're working with our partners, including Sport England, to channel over £6 million of Extra funding into local sports clubs, charities and voluntary organisations.

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We have over £6 million for grassroots sports clubs across the UK.

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