Don't let them get away with it

by Led By Donkeys in United Kingdom

Don't let them get away with it

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by Led By Donkeys in United Kingdom

Boris Johnson said he’s “very proud” of the government’s record on the coronavirus, after the UK registered the highest death toll in Europe.

“I don’t regret what I did,” said Dominic Cummings after breaking lockdown to drive 260 miles for a family retreat.

“Our plan is working” said Matt Hancock on the same day the government’s own figures said 43,000 people had died.

This Johnson government is presiding over the biggest political and public health failure in decades and is attempting to spin this into a success. We cannot let that happen.

In the coming weeks and months we want to use our style of creative public interventions to highlight the profound failures of the Johnson government during this coronavirus crisis. 

We will focus on the parts of the country that voted Conservative for the first time in December, where the government will be lying hardest in an attempt to shirk its responsibility for devastating so many lives and livelihoods.

As with all our interventions to date, 100% of them are publicly crowdfunded - if the money’s not raised on here, they don't happen. We juggle this stuff alongside our other commitments because we feel accountability is important. Whatever your politics, democracy doesn’t work without it.

Thanks for chipping in what you can and hope you're all doing ok,

Ben, James, Olly and Will (Led By Donkeys) x

PS we’ve been busy during the Covid crisis and some of our interventions are below. Follow us on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram to see them all.






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