Salford Red Devils RLFC Community Share Offer

by Salford Red Devils in Manchester, Greater Manchester, United Kingdom

We did it
On 5th June 2023 we successfully raised £363,770 with 1290 investors in 42 days

In our 150th year, we aim to initially raise at least £250,000 to make Salford Red Devils the only Community Owned Elite Rugby League Club

by Salford Red Devils in Manchester, Greater Manchester, United Kingdom

 New stretch target

Successful release of further shares to the value of up to £2,000,000 will then enable the Club to: 

  • Invest in community initiatives and position the club at the apex of activities including implementation of a museum open to schools and community groups - which would help increase participation rates and ticket sales at under 16s level to help future proof ticket sales for decades to come. 

  • Create an Elite Academy, providing opportunities for players from across the region to develop in a top-class academy environment - this will enable us to produce a steady conveyor belt of local talent to help represent their local club and present the so-called bigger clubs from picking off all the local talent. 

  • Supply Development Officers to the Salford Red Devils Foundation to deliver increased free schools Rugby League training sessions across the City of Salford and Greater Manchester - which again will signpost local school kids to community clubs, generate a love for the game and in turn increase future ticket sales. 

  • Create an educational provision which links learning to the world of elite sport, providing opportunities for young people from across the region to study to prepare for careers in a professional sporting environment - This will ensure the young men and women who may not quite make it at elite level still have a career in sport to fall back upon.

  • Further develop our international partnerships to increase the support for our partners in Wales, Ghana, USA, Serbia, Australia and New Zealand. This will allow us to raise the global profile of the club, support the development of the sport of Rugby League as well as provide a pathway for talented players to potentially represent Salford Red Devils.  

Who are we? 

Salford Red celebrates its 150th anniversary in 2023. We will take the opportunity to celebrate our rich history and use this year as a seminal point in building the club’s future.  

Since 2018, we have been a genuine ‘Community Club’, in contrast with the benefactor ownership model throughout the club’s history, being owned by a not-for-profit company which has had three directors who have stewarded the club through these last five years.   


Our vision is to be a progressive, sustainable Elite Super League club, which consistently achieves success on the field, engages our community and inspires the next generation through inclusive role models and opportunities for all. 

We’ve demonstrated what that means in practice in the last year with the launch of a number of new teams – our Women’s Team, Physical Disability Team and the Learning Difficulty Rugby League Team were proud new additions to our family of squads, joining with our new Performance Pathway Teams, the REDS programme Under 16’s and Under 18’s as well as Reserves.  

This season, we are launching our Wheelchair Rugby League Team. At the heart of our approach is that we are genuinely “One Club”. 


Salford Red Devils is a club at the heart of its’ community. Working together with the Salford Red Devils Foundation, we have a huge impact on the City of Salford and the Greater Manchester region more widely as a whole, offering a wide range of community programmes to promote health and wellbeing.

A successful Community Ownership Scheme will allow us to continue to work with the Salford Red Devils Foundation to have a greater impact on the community, working with more people from across Greater Manchester. 

  • Over 40,000 participant hits from 2021 to 2022 
  • SRDF engaged 6,230 children from 2021 to 2022 
  • 50 young adults in full-time education with SRDF 
  • Over 6,000 young people engaged in sports activities 
  • SRDF’s disability programme nominated for ITV National Diversity Awards 
  • Over 800 men have engaged in the Offload mental health programme


We’re proud to be ‘Plucky Little Salford’ overachieving against the odds but looking ahead, we need to work hard to maintain our status as a Super League club.

Why are we crowdfunding?

Imagine going past the City of Salford Stadium and saying, ‘my club play there’. Seeing one of our players out and about and thinking ‘they play for my team’.  

Imagine saying, ‘my team’ and ‘my club’ doesn’t just mean the team you support, and which is part of your identity, but the team you own, along with thousands of other local people.  

That’s the vision we have for our club – the only, genuinely community owned club in the Super League, where instead of being bankrolled by millionaires, we’re backed by multitudes.  We know that sports clubs are really owned by their local communities of fans who care about them, but now we’re linking up that moral ownership with real, tangible, legal ownership.  

It’ll be YOUR club.

No-one else. Just us. So, join us! 

What we need, and what we’ll spend it on 

Our first milestone is to raise at least £250,000 from this share issue, but because we have big ambitions, we plan to spend anything up to £2M raised, on concrete projects which will make the club stronger.  

Funds raised within this initial milestone will allow the Club to: 

  • Maintain as competitive a playing squad as possible  
  • Fulfil IMG criteria ensuring Category A status within the top-flight of Super League through high level Commercial and Marketing growth.  This share investment will allow us to build a commercial department that can attract even more ambitious commercial partners, increase matchday revenues and growth in ticketing. Investment in this area will allow the club to implement a digital and data transformation giving even greater visibility and access to the club to those outside of the surrounding areas, creating even more sustainability.

Make History With Us!

Together, we can undertake the most radical change to ownership seen in elite rugby league to date. We can create a vast, borderless community built with our wonderful club as the centrepiece; compete at the highest levels of the sport; thrive in our new form, and celebrate another 150 years with you at the heart of it.



Please read our community share offer document, business plan and rules below.

Levels of Investment

£250 or more

Owner+ (£250-£999)

You get: One Vote, Physical Share Certificate, Eligibility to stand for election, All ‘Owner’ benefits, Plus - Access to exclusive club partner offers, Exclusive Owner+ Open Days, One-Year RDTV Subscription

£100 or more

Owner (£100 - £249)

You get: One Vote, Share Certificate (Available to download), Eligibility to stand for election, Bi-weekly exclusive owners newsletter, Exclusive owner pin badge, Special match event ticket priority

£1,000 or more

Founder's Club (£1000 - £9999)

You get: One Vote, Physical Share Certificate, Eligibility to stand for election, All ‘Owner+’ benefits, Plus - Founder’s Welcome Pack, Invite to Founders & Playing Squad 2024 Team Photo, Exclusive Founders Events, Discount on function room hire at the Salford Stadium, Special priority draws on ‘money-can’t-buy’ experiences

£10,000 or more

President's Club (£10000+)

You get: One Vote, Physical Share Certificate, Eligibility to stand for election, All ‘Founder’s Club’ benefits, Plus - As a prospective member of the President’s Club, we would like to tailor your package appropriately to your contribution. Please contact us via email at [email protected] and we will be in touch to discuss.

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